Internet classified meeting

    I was at work in Lexington for the week and had posted an internet adding wanting to meet up with someone for NSA. My add was pretty basic saying my stats and that I am mostly a bottom and love to act out porn. It was Thursday already and had a few replies but no one willing to meet at my hotel or at local porn shop. I checked my inbox and found a reply from a white guy showing off a 8" cock with shaved huge balls. He stated that he would meet in my hotel tonight if I had some porn, I replied back that I have some and an internet connection. I gave hime my hotel info and finished up with work. Whe I got to the hotel that evening I was nervous and exctied about getting a chance to play with some strangers cock. I was sitting in my room inmmy underwear watching some cock sucking porn when I heard a knock at the door I looked thru the peep to find a guy in his mid 30's wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I opened the door up and he said are you Tim. I said yes come in. I offered him a vodka and 7 and he said sure. As I was getting his drink he stripped down naked and sat down on the edge of the bed. he then told me to go to xhmaster and search "Amazing blow job and rim job".

    Internet classified meeting

    I did and found a video of a girl rimming a guys ass and sucking his cock. He told me to get on my knees and do the smae thing the girl is doing to him. I dropped the the floor and with a tongue full of saliva I started licking his ass trying to f***e my tongue into it. I continuted to lick his ass and balls they were smooth freshly shaving. I then eased up his massive shaft licking it as I went up it, when I got to the head the precum was everywhere and the taste made me want the whole load. I started sucking his cock going up and down really getting into it when he stood up and leaned over the bed and said eat my ass. I instantly started licking his ass this time I could get my tongue in his ass so I started fucking him with my tongue I could hear him moan a little. He then pushed his cock down for me to give him a reverse blow so I did taking his cock in and out of my mouth as fast as I could. He then hopped off the bed told me to lean back on the bed and began to face fuck me swapping mack and forth from face fucking to sitting on my face amking me rim him. I was thinking surely he was getting ready to pop his load when he stopped and said search for "Oral lovin the right way" So I did and it was a video of girls taking oral cumshots. I stood watching it for a second getting harder and harder I could feel the cum leaking thru my underwear and my throat throbbing wanting some cum. He then said get on your knees and take my cock he had went limp just a little but he grabbed my head and started face fucking me and it didn't take long for that cock to be hard again. He face fucked me for a little longer then sat back on the bed and said don't swallow when I cum and don't stop sucking. I started sucking him sloppy and hard with ever thrust down making him slide down my throat a little. I felt his cock swelling more and more I knew he was about to cum. I had taking his cock down my throat when I felt the first spurt I tried to come up off his cock but I didn't do it in time he shot some hot cum down my throat. I kept sucking like I had been instructed and he continued to shoot spurt after spurt of hot cum into my mouth with some of it starting to run down his shaft. He finally stopped shooting cum after what seemed like 2-3 miuntes but I kept sucking his cock with the extra lube of his hot cum in my mouth. I started to stop and he said lick it all up and keep sucking it. I had licked up all of the cum that had ran down his shaft to his balls and some that had reached his ass. I noticed that he still had a hard cock and thought to myself is there more when he told me to search one more time on xhmaster so he could finish up. He said search "Sativa rose anal and swallow" and lay down on the bed with your legs behind you head. I searched for thim then got naked and layed back on the bed holding my ankles as far back as I could. He pressed play, grabbed some lube and squirted some on his cock. without warning he slide his massive cock in my ass and began pounding me he did this for a while then pulled out his cock and put inmy face for me to suck then right back to punding my ass. I had never cummed before while getting fucked without jacking off but I could tell I was getting close to it. He was fucking me when all of a sudden I cummed shooting cum all overmy stomach, chest, and face he said there you go your cumming like the whore you are. As soon as I came he flipped me over into doggie style and pound ed my ass even harder. He would still stop to make me suck him but then go right back to fucking my ass hard. He pulle out again for me to suck him and this time he exploded with a ton of cum again and I gobbled it down this time not letting any of it out. He told me that next time I am in town give him a call and left him number as he walked out the door http://victorspage.com/

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